1. Jean-Paul Deshayes Reply

    Dear Marina,
    Could you please add me to your “send list”.
    I love your site and would like to receive your newsletter/posts.
    Kind regards
    Jean-Paul Deshayes
    English to French Translator

  2. Becky WAller Reply

    I’m looking for a short story from the 1960s about a sewing machine salesman mistaken for a spy. I believe it was published in a double issue of Ellery Queen’s mystery magazine. I’d appreciate any help you can give me.

  3. James H Roby Reply

    I’m an author of a thriller series, The UrbanKnights. I’m self-publishing and trying to find a way to reach my audience. I’d love a review from you – my website, jamesroby.net can introduce you to my heroes. Thanks

    1. crimefictionlover Reply

      There’s an email address above for you to use. When we’re busy, however, it’s not possible to respond to every email we receive. Apologies if this has been the case.

  4. Maria Faulkner Reply

    I am on Book 6 “The Unquiet”. It mentions the Collector in a way as if he has appeared in previous books. I don’t recall any mention of this character in any of the five earlier stories. Please help.

  5. Diane Abbey-Livingston Reply

    I am looking for a novel set on the west coast of Canada – probably Vancouver Island. Someone is killed. An aboriginal person is accused. A lighthouse keeper figures in the story.
    That is all I can remember except that the writing was so beautiful I was fully in the woods around and in this story.
    Can you recall the name of the novel or the author. Or suggest other areas to look. Many thanks

  6. Paddy Campbell Reply

    Just a quick word of thanks to all at CFL for your reviews and pointers towards books and authors who I may otherwise have missed.
    Your time and effort is much appreciated.

  7. Grace Cowling Reply

    Ann, Greetings from Canada.
    I stumbled upon you while watching your video dialogue with my dearly favoured author Louise Penny. I have delighted in your presence online via your bio, book descriptions and reviews.
    At 90 years of age my life is limited via a wheelchair in a Grimsby, Ontario retirement residence so reading is a passion. My ancestral roots are in Devon and I am eagerly awaiting a boxed set of your Vera Stanhope series.
    You might like to take a Google peak at Grace Cowling and or Grace Ireland Cowling. and or The Pencil Art Society.

    Kind regards
    Grace Cowling

  8. Sue Hayes Reply

    Love the website — it’s led me down a number of interesting side trails. I’m looking for a haunting story that was printed in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine in the mid-1960s. Story is set in Door County WI, and the only part that I can remember is that a car full of kids returning home from a basketball game (sometime in the 1920s-40s, I think) fell through the ice, killing all aboard. Story may have been written by Robert L. Fish. Thanks in advance for any help!

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