Write flash fiction for $500 a pop

Chatting. It’s long been an international pastime, even before the phrase, “More tea, vicar?” was invented.

With Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, WhatsApp and Kik, chat also seems to be the way forward in technology. And that’s where flash fiction – super-short stories – comes into play as far as crime fiction lovers are concerned. Telepathic, Inc, the maker of the app Hooked, has found a way of melding the snappy, conversational nature of chatting as experienced using messaging apps, with the suspense and mystery of flash crime fiction.

You can try the app on your iPhone or Android device for free and true to its name, it might just have you hooked.

Earn $500 for a 120-word story
But here’s the part crime fiction authors need to tune in to. If you’re good at writing dialogue, the company is interested in talking to you. They’re looking for short format crime fiction of around 120 words, and are willing to pay $500 for stories accepted to the programme.

Easy money, right?

Well, there is quite a strict set of submission guidelines in place, and they want to see a biography and a writing sample first, however it looks like a great opportunity for new writers. To get involved email jasmine [at] hooked.co then wait for her to send you the submission information.

Feel free to forward us a finder’s fee if your work is accepted…

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  1. Kate Pilarcik Reply

    Well, I’m IN. Detective OSS agent Nelle Callahan too.
    Snappy dialogue cutting shadows be us

    Grace o’ our thanks for posting

    ~ suspense author | intrigue promoter
    ~ Kate Pilarcik

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