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If you’re keen on crime fiction, there’s a new way to enjoy it thanks to an app called The Pigeonhole. In the New Year, The Pigeonhole is teaming up with crime fiction authors TM Logan and Megan Miranda with early serialisations of their upcoming novels, as well as the chance to chat with the authors and other crime lovers via the app.

Here’s how it works. First, you download The Pigeonhole from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) and install it on your device and sign up to join the book club. Early in January, segments of TM Logan’s upcoming novel Lies will be released on ‘the stave’. Each daily instalment will only be available for 24 hours, but you’ll be able to make comments and correspond with TM Logan and other readers via an in-text function, as you enjoy the pages.

The novel is a psychological thriller about a man called Joe Lynch who is surprised to find his wife visiting a hotel when she’s supposed to be at work. He sees her arguing with a friend called Ben, ends up in a fight with the man and knocks him out. Joe’s son has an asthma attack, and after he’s attended to that and returns to the scene feeling guilty but Ben has disappeared. He then starts receiving cryptic messages…

Author TM Logan.

Lies is only being released in May, so users of The Pigeonhole will be the first to enjoy it, along with videos, audio and interviews to add to the experience.

In February, the featured crime book will be All the Missing Girls by Megan Miranda. It will also be a disappearing book in that each instalment will only be available for a day. The story involves two girls who disappeared 10 years ago, and a new disappearance that might be linked. It’s told backwards over 15 days. As with Lies, you’ll be able to interact with the author as the story unfolds.

There are 200 free places to enjoy these books via The Pigeonhole, so click or tap the links below to download the app and register. You can also see both book covers below.

Download from the Apple App Store.

Download from Google Play.

And if you’re not into apps, you can also join on the web.

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  1. Clare Baker-Smith Reply

    Love picking up the Crime novels that are left in Colonna & Small in Bath, after I have read them would you like me to review them if so where on your website? Also should I leave them back there or recycle at a charity shop?
    Many thanks to whoever leaves them in the coffee shop?

    1. crimefictionlover Reply

      Hi Clare – glad you like the books. No, you don’t need to review them, just enjoy them. You can leave them back in C&S or take them to a charity shop, both ideas are fine. We’ll release some more books there soon!

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